Saturday, May 5, 2012

(G2,G3) Butterflies (A Mixed-Media Project) Part II

For this part of our butterfly project, the students used a variety of materials to create a mixed-media composition. The students had the option to use markers, water colors, beads, color pencils, paper scraps, and modeling clay. It was interesting to watch them as they were making their choices on how to use the different materials to enhance their compositions. Please click  Here to view the drawing part of this project. 

This student made the choice to use water colors for the background.
She used markers, paper, beads, and clay to complete the butterfly. 

It took a lot of patience to go over her drawing with a marker. 

Working with beads and clay.

This students used paper, beads, and clay for the upper and
lower part of the wings.
She used markers for the middle part. 

Using markers to create a line pattern.

This student methodically divided the butterfly into two sections.
In one section, he used only markers, while he used a variety of
materials to complete the second section.  

Using clay on one side of the butterfly.

Using tools to create textures on the clay.

Making dots with a black marker to enhance the texture on the clay.

Using glue to attach the clay pieces on the butterfly.

Cutting paper into desired shapes.

Creating patterns using color pencils.

This student used a minimal quantity of all the available material to complete her butterfly.
Her favorite part was using water colors for the background.  


  1. A very beautiful, the colors are great and elaborate forms. Congratulations on these beautiful butterflies. A hug and see you soon.

  2. I love the creativity of the students, there are some really great works here .

  3. Unas mariposas encantadoras y muy creativas!
    Le he enviado el enlace a mi compañero de 1º ya que estan trabajando las mariposas y seguro que le encanta.
    Gracias por compartir.

    A charming and very creative butterflies!
    I sent the link to my partner of 1 that are working and butterflies and is sure to love.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Un bello trabajo lleno de color y didáctica para que se cultive el arte… va un cordial saludo, Rodisi

  5. I love how you give the children so many options with media. Their creativity really shines. Beautiful work!

  6. It is such fun to work in 3-D collage. You can see how engrossed your students are in this very captivating art lesson.
    They certainly rose to the challenge with some amazing work as the result:)

  7. I really like these photos, mariposass beautiful, exquisite textures and colors. Excellent and creative compositions.

  8. Wow! Such diversity. Really cool idea for a blog and I'm super happy to see children encouraged to be creative!
    Happy Painting.

  9. Diseños muy creativos, los felicito!!!!!

    Cariños. Laura.

  10. You taught them how to do a great wash. What kind of clay did you use?

  11. Mrs. Ackerman, we used Sargent Art Sculpt it (Air Hardening Clay.)
    It is great for freehand modeling. It is soft and tries fast.

  12. Beautiful rendition of butterflies, are very happy with the bright colors and great imagination of children.
    Congratulations to all.

  13. I love the first one is fantastic
    Congratulates your student on my part, effort and perseverance have been transformed into something great

  14. Very nice results! Your students must have spent a lot of time on the details of the butterflies!