Monday, September 5, 2011

(KG) The Tree Project

The Tree Project will be a Unit Project with participation from all grades. 

The Tree Project will have a number of objectives:
I. Students will examine the work of artists who use trees in their composition.
II.  Students will create their own compositions based on the work of different artists.
III. The projects will be focusing on the different parts of the tree such as: leaves, tree trunk, branches, and roots.
IV. We will be discussing the importance of trees for the environment.
V. We will be taking walks in our school's Nature Trail and observe the trees up closely. 
VI. We will draw trees from observation.

We drew leaves using pencils and black sharpies.

A work in progress. 

A unique way to draw the veins of the leaves.

Trying to use sharpies with control.


  1. Semplecimente bellissimi!

  2. Wonderful leaves!!! Have a good school year!!! with many beautiful creations! Kisses from Greece.

  3. Beautiful unit objectives!
    Do you have this book of tree artists: Speak For The Trees by Andria Friesen? Each section is categorized by artists inspired by leaves, trunks, roots, etc. Perfect fit for what you are doing here:)

  4. Nothing is more simple but at the same time more informing as to the diversity of nature than drawing leaves in all their variety. I think we humans love that discovery... wonderful to see this process taking place!

  5. Have you gotten interested in Pinterest? I just 'pinned' a picture from this lesson. I have become TOTALLY obsessed (addicted) to Pinterest in just these couple of weeks that I've been there. You have so many brilliant ideas to share & I know that community would LUV to see what you're up to!!!


  6. Thank you everyone of the nice comments.


    Thanks for recommending the book.
    I am still in the process of designing this unit.

    I found a number of contemporary artists who use trees as a source of inspiration.

    Debbie, I know a lot of art teachers are using Pinterest.I just have to look into it when I find the time.