Saturday, September 10, 2011

(KG) The leaves (The Tree Project)

For this project, students cut their leaf pictures which were completed the week before into strips of paper.
  Students glued the strips of paper on a green piece of construction paper.
From a pile of Magnolia leaves we selected a number of leaves and created a new composition.

Students wanted to paint  the Magnolia leaves.
My suggestion to them was to paint only one.

Student comment: "The Magnolia leaves are smaller than my green leaves."

Student comment: "I can see the veins on my leaves."

Student comment: "It is a family of leaves. The three children are in the middle."

Student comment: "It was a windy day."

Student comment: "Do you think the other leaves are upset because we did not paint them?"


  1. Lovely :)

    They got the structure of the leaves quite well :)

  2. Wow, these compositions are very interesting leaves. I really like.