Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(Pr-K) Wax resist experiment for the young

My Pre-Kindergarten students wanted to do a large scale project.
They loved the "roses" project of the older students, and they asked if they could make something "big".
I explained to them that this project was a science experiment art project.
We will learn that wax and water do not mix.

The students loved working on these long pieces of paper.

Using crayons to create our designs. 

Using water colors to paint over the wax designs. 
Student comment: "Magic, the wax is pushing away my colors".

Folding the paper to create texture. 

A colorful composition. 

The simplicity of lines.

Blue and pink.

Yellow and red.


  1. I love the long vertical format. The colors and textures are wonderful. They must have loved creating these.

  2. Science and art, a brilliant combination.
    Sue xx