Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(KG) Collage experiments

For this project we looked for inspiration at the book: "We all went for Safari" written by Laurie Krebs and
illustrated by Julia Cairns
We used a variety of paper to re-create our favorite picture from the book
We counted the number of paper we used in our composition

Using a variety of paper to create our tree. 

Using scissors to create the desired shapes.  

Using shapes to create an animal.
Student comment: "I need four legs and one tail".

Student comment: "Peacocks can't fly because they are heavy".

Student comment: "My zebra is looking for water".

Student comment: "My cheetah is the fastest".


  1. hey just found ur follower...i am going to use a lot of ideas from ur blog for my 31mnth old boy....simply loved the tiny seed book students made, thanks a lot for sharing the techniques used in colourful abstractions.

  2. Wonderful concept to illustrate ideas gleaned from a story book. The animals are so clever; the chetah ran so fast, his little legs just flew off.....what fun!
    Sue xx