Sunday, June 19, 2011

(Pr-K) Colorful abstractions

The students had fun learning how to create abstract compositions using paint, brushes, and tools.

This student took extra care to create his circles.

Student comment: "I am making circles".

Making circles using a sponge tool.

 Student comment: "I am connecting the paint and bringing it to different spots".

Student comment: "This is water".

 Student comment: "My paint is moving because is wet".

Student comment: "I made a tornado".

 Using different tools to create a variety of lines.

Student comment: "I made crazy  hair". 

Student comment:  "This is New York".
This was one of my favorite comments.

Student comment: "I am making colors".

Student comment: "This is a fence".


  1. Fantastic effects when you think outside the are the new paint brushes.
    I often use my fingers and hand if I cant find a brush.
    It is lovely that the children haave given names to their creations.
    Sue xx

  2. Wonderful post! As well paint your children, how much art tehnik.Blagodaryu.It is fantastic!