Sunday, June 3, 2012

(KG) Mixed-media flowers

My students always enjoy creating mixed-media projects. I love seeing the excitement in their eyes when they see the baskets with
the discarded material from previous projects. I recently added some corks I bought from our local The Scrap Exchange  store. 
We decided to create flowers using the different materials found in the mixed-media baskets.  

This student preferred not to paint the clay pieces of her flower.

Having fun spreading the paint without getting our hands messy.

Creating the center of our flower by wrapping the plastic wrap into different shapes.

Student comment: "My petals look like ravioli. I had cheese ravioli last night."   

Using corks to create the petals.

Student comment: "Look! I made a flower with hair."

Student comment: "I made a sunflower."


  1. Colourful, gorgeous and imaginative!

  2. Yes, wonderful mixed-media compositions, I love these volumes.Deshacer cambios

  3. Adorable works! Arianna

  4. Un trabajo muy creativo! Enhorabuena a los artistas!
    Un saludo.

  5. Beautiful flowers, very original and creative. I like that they are all so different.

  6. This freedom is awesome! Congrats!

  7. Pequeños grandes artistas tienes contigo... Me gusta tu trabajo, saludos en la distancia, Rodisi

  8. Some of them look like fire crackers !

  9. Love it! In the summer we have in the studio does not work with children and I have a break until the autumn. I have a blog posted a short film as a lesson I have passed. I would be glad if you can find a few minutes and look at it. This movie is filmed by famous director dokumetnalnogo movie - Igor Shadkhan. Thank you! Olga.

  10. inspiration and action!!!
    amazing mixed media project!!!
    just like

  11. Happy summer! We ended the school year and I'm preparing a new course but will begin within a few days vacation and rest. Thank you for your comments and also wish you a good holiday. If you spend a little present for my blog end of year. A big hug and see you soon.

  12. Hola, que trabajos tan hermosos!!! Los felicito y les deseo un lindo fin de semana. Cariños. Laura.