Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(G1) American Indian Legends and Symbols (The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush) Part I

We read the book: The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola 
Little Gopher wants to be like the other children in his tribe who were always riding, running or shooting their arrows.
With the help of  a Dream-Vision, he realized that his gift was for painting and creating.
 He created a beautiful sunset for his people, who they no longer called him Little Gopher, but He-Who-Brought-the Sunset-to-the-Earth.

The author and illustrator  Tomie dePaola

We discussed how different brushes create a variety of brushstrokes 
Students used the brush of their choice to create their sunsets

We mixed white with different colors in order to create interesting tints. 

Using brushes in a circular motion to create interesting brushstrokes

Experimenting with different brushes for variety in brushstrokes


  1. These are quite beautiful! My students are learning about the uses of different brushes now, too:)

  2. Wonderful, I love those colors. I really enjoy this experience because I am a lover of color.

  3. Unos colores y texturas geniales en este trabajo que tan bien llevais a cabo, felicidades por ello y un abrazo

  4. Oh! Native-American Indians. I like their culture and art etc. The book looks so nice. Wonderful students artworks.

    I really like visit your blog :)