Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(Pr-K) Clay experiments

Introducing young children to clay is so much fun.
We discussed how to create flat shapes, coils and textures.
The students had the choice to create people or an abstract composition.

We used acrylic paint to decorate our artwork. 

Student comment: "This looks like my father; he has a big nose."

Student comment: "I am a ballerina."

The broken pieces taught us the art of restoration.  

Student comment:  "I kicked the ball."


  1. These are amazing creations!~ :D

  2. Really a beautiful compositions, lovely. Very expressives. I like those colors.

  3. The work is absolutely stunning...a joy to behold.
    Sue xx

  4. so sweet!
    it makes me smile reading student comments...
    well done, again!

  5. Beautiful!!!

  6. It's nice, very nice to find blogs like this one. I think I've checked it all, and I must express my admiration for this awsome work that has been done with kids. I experienced this strange need to go running and giving life to all sort of ideas that came up with, by taking a look at this beautiful art. I think I'll start using more different materials... got tempted. I saw also the peaceful and free look in the eyes of your children... it means a lot... they've enjoyed it all. (I was wondering what's the music that joins the welcome video?) Well, congratulations for your job.

  7. These are amazing pieces! I love the variety that each piece has. Well done, they are a credit to your teaching and the children who made them!