Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(PS) Learn about Color Fencing (The leaves of Georgia O'Keeffe)

Project objective(s):
- Learn how to look for details in pictures
- Practice how to hold crayons correctly
- Practice how to hold paintbrushes correctly
- Observe how color fencing helps with staying inside the lines

The students looked at the different shapes and lines of leaves. The students were able to describe the different shapes and lines found in the leaves of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Learning how to look and take the information in order to create an original artwork.  Learning that color fencing helps you in staying inside the lines.

Learning that patience in art is as important as staying inside the lines.

After practing color fencing, we can use our brushes to complete our artwork.

Holding the crayons correctly helps us in staying inside the lines.

Making decisions on the shape and lines of our leaves is part of the art process.

Looking at O'Keeffee's leaves, and then creating our own leaves with our own lines and shapes is part of the art process.

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