Sunday, March 3, 2013

Make a Portrait of a Friend

The purpose of this project was for the Kindergarten students to make a portrait of their friend.
We discussed how a portrait is a drawing, painting, photograph or sculpture of a person.
We looked at Kasimir Malevich's self portrait and discussed his choice of colors.
We also look at  Karl Schmidt-Rottluff's Portrait of Emy. We discussed how with the use of vibrant colors  the artist expressed  his feelings about Emy. Color becomes an important aspect in the composition. 
Students sat across from each other, observing the details in each other's faces. They were also advised to illustrate in their portrait at least one thing they like about their friend.

Student comment: "He laughs really loud."

Student comment: "I love her freckles; and we both like the color green." 

Student comment: " She has big eyelashes."

Student comment: "She has curly black hair; she is sad because her mom is out of town. 
Blue is a sad color." 

Student comment: " She is always so serious, and she has crazy hair."

Student comment: "My friend is like a rainbow."

Student comment: "My friend likes the color blue."

Student comment: "He makes me laugh."

Student: "Sometimes he makes me angry; red is an angry color."

Student comment: "My friend likes the color pink."

Student comment: "I love my friend's super black hair."

Student comment: "My friend lost three teeth and he looks funny." 

Student comment: "I love her short black hair and her big brown eyes."

Student comment: "My friend has funny hair."


  1. Very beautiful portraits, are a real exquisiteness.

  2. Interesting happy portraits and great art work !!!
    Have a nice week !!!

  3. This is such a brilliant idea. I love the observations.

  4. Beautiful, expressive, natural these fantastic portraits.

  5. LOVE, love, love!! These are so adorable, sweet and kind! The student comments add the perfect extra touch. I'm sure the students were thrilled with their paintings. Thanks for sharing :)