Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Power of Words

The inspiration for this project came from viewing the works of nine women artists who explore the use of language in their work. 

Their work is featured in the exhibition 

Girl Talk 
                                                              Women and Text 

We examined the way the artists explored the ambiguity of language in their work.
The students decided to create their 'word collages' based on the work of the artist Kay Rosen.

This project had six steps:

1.The students looked for words in a variety of books, newspapers, and periodicals.  
2. From the variety of words, we each decided to use only one word.
3. We created new words out of a singular word by rearranging or adding letters.
4. We used black sharpies to write our new words on water color paper. 
5. We used water colors to paint over the letters.
6. We cut the letters and created our word collages.

During the art process, the students were able to discuss word choice and creation of new words with their fellow artists.


Kay Rosen

The student learned that Ark is the Latin word for box.
Kar is an Armenian word meaning "stone".
Rak is a river in Slovenia.

Kay Rosen

Kay Rosen


  1. I love that there are many ways this can be integrated with other curriculum. It brings to mind Tomie de Paola's book, "Andy".

  2. Very clever and interesting art work !!!
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  3. Great process and I love the idea of playing with words as an art material. Pinning!

  4. Great to play with words. Thank you for advice on sizing.

  5. Yes, a word with a sweet power striking, beautiful designs extended by meanings. Greetings.

  6. Very beautiful artwork!!Bravo Maria and students!!Kisses from Greece!!

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    Lovely and heartwarming your works..

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  8. The words next to the color and the design increases your potential. greetings.

  9. Excelentes tabajos pedagogicos, un cordial saludo, Rodisi

  10. This type of work they actually do are very interesting creative process rather than the outcome artísitc work. Wonderful, this is how to build knowledge with our students. If you spend a little present for my blog. A hug and see you soon

  11. Your art lessons always let your students really explore their own creativity and voice! I just nominated you for Art Ed Blog of the Year.

  12. Thank you so much Mary.
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