Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art Treasure Boxes

For this project the students were free to choose from our two art treasure boxes.
The first group decided to create architectural compositions by using long wooden sticks and paper plates.
The second group decided to use paper and acrylics to create flowers with interesting colorful patterns.


  1. I liked the idea of recycled vinyl, I suppose we can do with CDs. We try as it is easier to find. Greet your students are very creative. A big hug and see you soon.

  2. Very interesting, I like these composiociones with sticks of wood. Greetings.

  3. Very interesting idea and very amazing art works !!!
    Bravo to all of your students , they are very creative !!!
    Happy Sunday !!!

  4. I love the plate and wooden stick pieces! The flowers are beautiful too! :)

  5. Muy interesante los resultados obtenidos de este proyecto, mi gusto personal sería los trabajos de los palitos, aunque las flores son buenos también. Un cordial saludo en la distancia, Rodisi

  6. Interesting painting!!!I'll try it with my students!!Thank you! Kisses from beautiful Greece.