Saturday, March 10, 2012

(KG) The Kandinsky Project/Emphasis on Lines and Shapes (Part II)

This part of the Kandinsky project was divided into two sections.
I. In section one, the students worked in groups of four to create Kandinsky compositions
by using pre-cut paper of shapes and lines. 
II. In section two, the students worked individually to create their own Kandinsky-based artwork.
Each student used two sheets of water color paper; one sheet was painted with water colors and it was used for the background. The second sheet was also painted with different water colors, and it was cut
into a variety of lines and forms. Students also used black paper to highlight their colorful

Working together and discussing the work of the artist was part of the process.
We discussed the meaning of the word abstract in relation to Kandinsky's work.

Incorporating shapes and lines as seen in Kandinsky's artwork, yet
creating our own original compositions.

The letter "W" stands for the first letter in his name (a group project).

Kandinsky- Unfinished painting, 1944
Students discussed the absence of colors in the composition.

We discussed how in Kandinsky's works we see a combination of biomorphic forms
and  geometric lines (a group project).

Kandinsky - Composition VIII,1923

Letter "K" and the image of the grid design (a group project). 

Using water colors to paint our shapes and lines.


  1. Love all the colors. These turned out really nice. I liked seeing a different spin on Kandinsky other than just the circles. Very nice.

  2. You are so fun! I love this idea.

  3. This is an amazing idea! I'll try something like that in a few weeks, too. Thanks! :-)

  4. i agree - a fresh take. very nice!

  5. Fabulous, my congratulations on these beautiful works inspired by Kandinsky. Greetings.

  6. Very nice! I love this idea.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. Your work seems very interesting and certainly going to be a possible source of inspiration to work with my students. We will be in contact soon.
    P.D: forgive my English

  8. Congratulations! you and your students made very beautiful artworks!!!We study Kandinsky too!It is easy for the students!Hve agood week! Kisses from Greece.

  9. Hello, I'm very glad to find out your blog!
    What an excellent work! What a colorful page!
    I'll keep in touch!

  10. Hello... happy to be here...i love art... and music of course
    Lampros lampinos, from Greece, Europe!

  11. Beautiful colors and shapes to enjoy art.

  12. I am very happy discovering your lovely art blog and I have enjoyed too much the great art work of your Academy Elementary School !!!
    All the best to you and see you again very soon !!!

  13. Hola amiga, has realizado unos hermosos collge con bellos colores, va un cordial saludo en la distancia, Rodisi

  14. I'm sure the students had a lot of fun creating these works, wonderful colors!

  15. Fantastic work of your students, of Kandinsky
    I also liked the picture of sunflowers, sorry that is not finished

  16. These are truly awe inspiring!! You've inspired me!