Monday, January 16, 2012

(G1) I Have A Dream

We discussed The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial located in Washington, D.C
We learned that the sculpture is 30 feet, and it is made out of granite. Martin Luther King emerges from
the mountain of granite with his arms crossed, and it is called The Stone of Hope.
The Stone of Hope is the work of the Chinese sculptor Lei Yixin.
Ten Chinese stone masons were among the 100 workmen to reassemble the 150 granite blocks.
The blocks were shipped from Xiamen to the port of Baltimore.

The sculptor Lei Yixin at work

 The students had several options regarding how their work would pay tribute to Martin Luther King.
Some students decided to draw and paint faces, while others traced their hands and made rainbows.
We discussed the importance of the speech "I have a Dream," and his sentence: "I have decided to love."

Student comment: "The shadow of my friend is beautiful."

Student comment: "These are hands of friendship."

Student comment: "This is my red skin friend."

Student comment: "Hearts mean love for everyone."

Student comment: "A beautiful face." 

Student comment: "All colors are beautiful." 

Student comment: "I have decided to love my friend."

Student comment: "I will give hugs every day."

Student  comment: "Rainbow hands, and brown hands are best friends."

Student comment: "A Happy face is a good face."

Student comment: "I love my yellow, brown, blue, red, and white friends."

Student comment: "Colors of Hope."

Student comment: "My hands can give hugs and love."


  1. I really like, my favorite the "All colors are beautiful." hands and hearts.

  2. Wonderful Idea!!! Bravo Marilena!!Kisses from Greece.

  3. Hello, Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School.

      Very pure!!

      Even more severe in winter, but.
      Your work is embraced in your gentleness.

      Thank you for the warmth of your heart.

      The prayer for all peace.   
    Have a good weekend. From Japan ruma ❃