Saturday, April 2, 2011

(G2) Create in the style of Gaston Chaissac

Project objective(s):
- Learn about the life and work of the French artist Gaston Chaissac 
- Discuss how he divided the objects and spaces and then unifying them in rhythmic sequence
- Create a visual rhythm in your composition

I encountered this idea of doing a project on Gaston Chaissac in one of the posts from Jacquelien who lives and works in the Netherlands.

Gaston Chaissac holding one of his creations

Understanding the simplicity of his lines.

The students had the option to use two or three colors in order to create their color scheme.

The freedom of drawing the body parts in an unorganized way.

Understanding how to divide the body parts.

Understanding how visual rhythm can be achieved by placing objects in a circular way.

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