Sunday, February 13, 2011

(PS) The organic and geometric qualities in Joan Miro's artwork

Project objective(s):
- We will learn the difference between organic and geometric shapes
- The students will use both organic and geometric shapes to create imaginary creatures

A student is working in filling in the circles.

Using both primary and secondary colors in order to color the circles.
Practice color fencing.

Observing the difference between organic and geometric shapes.

Creating imaginary creatures by using both organic and geometric shapes.

Use your imagination to draw imaginary characters.

Drawing a guitar with four eyes!
Student comment:  "Miro's guitar does not have eyes" referring to Miro's picture: " The Harlequins Carnival"
Drawing a person with eleven feet while creating a pattern by using red and blue.

Student comment: " I drew the face of Joan Miro and wrote his name in my picture"
" His face is organic"

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